August 2021

This list includes all studies we know of published in the respective month that are:

  • Empirical (original, meta-analysis, or review of empirical studies), and

  • about advocating for farmed animals (rather than, for example, the welfare of farmed animals themselves) or,

  • provide evidence from basic empirical research that may be of interest to farmed animal advocates.

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Animal-free foods

Philpott, T. (2021). Is Lab Meat About to Hit Your Dinner Plate? Mother Jones, August 2. Link

Reis, G.G., Heidemann, M.S., Goes, H.A.A., & Molento, C.F.M. (2021) Can Radical Innovation Mitigate Environmental and Animal Welfare Misconduct in Global Value Chains? The Case of Cell-Based Tuna. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 169(1), 1.

Diet change

Collier, E.S., Oberrauter, L., Normann, A., Norman, C., Svensson, M., Niimia, J., & Bergman, P. (2021). Identifying Barriers to Decreasing Meat Consumption and Increasing Acceptance of Meat Substitutes Among Swedish Consumers. Appetite, 167(1), 1.

Dagevos, H. (2021). Finding Flexitarians: Current Studies on Meat Eaters and Meat Reducers. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 114(1), 530.

Hopwood, C.J., Piazza, J., Chen, S., & Bleidorn, W. (2021) Development and Validation of the Motivations to Eat Meat Inventory. Appetite, 163(1), 1.

Sogari, G., Menozzi, D., Mora, C., Gariglio, M., Gasco, L., & Schiavone, A. (2021). How Information Affects Consumers’ Purchase Intention and Willingness to Pay for Poultry Farmed with Insect-Based Meal and Live Insects. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.

Tan, N.P., Connor, T.S., Sun, H., Loughnan, S., & Smillie, L.D. (2021) Who Gives a Veg? Relations between Personality and Vegetarianism/Veganism. Appetite, 163(1), 1. ​​

Social change

Owusu-Sekyere, E., Hansson, H., & Telezhenko, E. (2021). Dairy Farmers’ Heterogeneous Preferences for Animal Welfare-Enhancing Flooring Properties: A Mixed Logit Approach Applied in Sweden. Livestock Science, 250(1), 1.

Pejman, N., Kallas, Z., Reig, L., Velarde, A., Moreno, M., Magnani, D., Protopapadaki, V., Ribikauskas, V., Ribikauskienė, D., & Dalmau, A. (2021). Should Animal Welfare be Included in Educational Programs? Attitudes of Secondary and University Students from Eight EU Countries. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science.

Randler, C., Ballouard, J., Bonnet, X., Chandrakar, P., Pati, A.K., Medina-Jerez, W., Pande, B. & Sahu, S. (2021) Attitudes Toward Animal Welfare Among Adolescents from Colombia, France, Germany, and India. Anthrozoös, 34(3), 359-374.

Wagner, K. Brinkmann, J., Bergschmidt, A., Renziehausen, C., & March, S. (2021). The Effects of Farming Systems (Organic vs. Conventional) on Dairy Cow Welfare, Based on the Welfare Quality® Protocol. Animal, 15(8), 1.

Animal welfare campaigns

Anderson, J. (2021). Growing a Community: How to Support Farmed Animal Protection in China. August 18. Faunalytics article


Krizanova, J., Rosenfeld, D.L., Tomiyama, A.J., & Guardiola, J. (2021) Pro-Environmental Behavior Predicts Adherence to Plant-Based Diets, (163)1, 1.


Thanks to suggestions by the RECAP group, the Fish Advocacy Slack group, the research library of Faunalytics, the FAST list, and suggestions by ACE staff. I also did a search on Google Scholar using the search terms intext:(“meat” AND “consumer behavior”); intext:(“meat” AND “attitudes”); and intext:(“meat” AND “preferences”); after:2021-07-31. (To be improved!)