January 2021

This list includes all studies we know of published in the respective month that are:

  • Empirical (original, meta-analysis, or review of empirical studies), and

  • about advocating for farmed animals (rather than, for example, the welfare of farmed animals themselves) or,

  • provide evidence from basic empirical research that may be of interest to farmed animal advocates.

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Animal-free foods

Humbird, D. (2020). Scale-Up Economics for Cultured Meat: Techno-Economic Analysis and Due Diligence. Center for Open Science. https://doi.org/10.31224/osf.io/795su

Lusk, J. (2021). “Trends in Demand for Plant Based Meat.” 2021. January 11, 2021. http://jaysonlusk.com/blog/2021/1/11/trends-in-demand-for-plant-based-meat.

Diet change

Asher, K. E., Doucet, S., & Luke, A. (2021). Registered dietitians’ perceptions and use of the plant‐based recommendations in the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. https://doi.org/10.1111/jhn.12845

Bjørkdahl, K., & Syse, K. V. L. (2021). Welfare Washing: Disseminating Disinformation in Meat Marketing. Society & Animals, 1(aop), 1-19. https://doi.org/10.1163/15685306-BJA10032

Dudinskaya, E.C.; Naspetti, S.; Arsenos, G.; Caramelle-Holtz, E.; Latvala, T.; Martin-Collado, D.; Orsini, S.; Ozturk, E.; Zanoli, R. European Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Red Meat Attributes. Preprints 2021, 2021010370 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202101.0370.v1)

Lund, T. B., Denver, S., Nordström, J., Christensen, T., & Sandøe, P. (2021). Moral Convictions and Meat Consumption—A Comparative Study of the Animal Ethics Orientations of Consumers of Pork in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Animals, 11(2), 329. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani11020329

Montalbano, M.; and Fornia, P. (2021). Twitter Trends: #CageFree, #Vegan, #AnimalRights, and More! Faunalytics

Nguyen, H. V., Nguyen, N., Nguyen, B. K., & Greenland, S. (2021). Sustainable Food Consumption: Investigating Organic Meat Purchase Intention by Vietnamese Consumers. Sustainability, 13(2), 953. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13020953

Social change

Chow, V.; Alaya, Y; Anderson, J. (2021). COVID-19 & Animals: Chinese Citizens’ Beliefs About COVID-19’s Links With Animal Agriculture. Faunalytics

Fitzgerald, A. J., Wilson, A., Bruce, J., Wurdemann-Stam, A., & Neufeld, C. (2021, January 31). Canada’s proposed prison farm program: Why it won’t work and what would work better. Evolve Our Prison Farms. www.evolveourprisonfarms.ca

Animal welfare campaigns

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO, 2021). Aquaculture - An investigation on trends and practices in India. Link to pdf

Waley, D.; Harris, M.; Goulding, I.; Correira, M; MegaPesca Lda; Carpenter, G. (2021). Catching Up - Fish Welfare in Wild Capture Fisheries. Eurogroup for Animals, January 2021, Link to pdf


Mercy For Animals (2021). The Farmed Animal Opportunity Index (FAOI). Link to website

Ville Sokk (2021). Ranking animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions. EA Forum


Thanks to suggestions by the RECAP group, the Fish Advocacy Slack group, the research library of Faunalytics, and suggestions by ACE staff. I also did a search on Google Scholar using the search terms intext:(“meat” AND “consumer behavior”); intext:(“meat” AND “attitudes”); and intext:(“meat” AND “preferences”); after:2020-12-31. (To be improved!)