December 2022

Empirical Research in Farmed Animal Advocacy 

December 2022

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Animal-free foods

Boehm, M. W., Nicholson, R. A., & Baier, S. K. (2023). Designing plant-based analogues of animal-derived foods: A review of research ranging from manufacturing to oral processing. Current Opinion in Food Science, 50, 100982. 

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Heidmeier, A. K., & Teuber, R. (2022). Acceptance of in vitro meat and the role of food technology neophobia, dietary patterns and information: Empirical evidence for Germany. British Food Journal. 

İnan, C. M., & Özçelik, A. Ö. (2022). Do individuals living in Turkey accept artificial meat? Meat Science, 109080. 

Korte, T., Otte, L., Amel, H., & Beeken, M. (2022). “Burger.i.doo”: An innovative education game for the assessment of sustainability from meat and substitute products in science education. Sustainability, 15(1), 213. 

Lehto, E., Korhonen, K., Muilu, T., & Konttinen, H. (2023). How do values relate to the consumption of meat and dairy products and their plant-based alternatives? Food Quality and Preference, 106, 104804. 

Li, H., Van Loo, E. J., Trijp, H. C. M. van, Chen, J., & Bai, J. (2022). Will cultured meat be served on Chinese tables? A study of consumer attitudes and intentions about cultured meat in China. Meat Science, 197, 109081. 

Lin-Hi, N., Reimer, M., Schäfer, K., & Böttcher, J. (2022). Consumer acceptance of cultured meat: An empirical analysis of the role of organizational factors. Journal of Business Economics. 

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Oven, A., Yoxon, B., & Milburn, J. (2022). Investigating the market for cultivated meat as pet food: A survey analysis. Plos One, 17(12), e0275009. 

Reinholdsson, T., Hedesström, M., Ejelöv, E., Hansla, A., Bergquist, M., Svenfelt, Å., & Nilsson, A. (2022). Nudging green food: The effects of a hedonic cue, menu position, a warm‐glow cue, and a descriptive norm. Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 

Reynolds, A. N., Mhurchu, C. N., Kok, Z.-Y., & Cleghorn, C. (2023). The neglected potential of red and processed meat replacement with alternative protein sources: Simulation modelling and systematic review. EClinicalMedicine, 56, 101774. 

Smetana, S., Ristic, D., Pleissner, D., Tuomisto, H. L., Parniakov, O., & Heinz, V. (2023). Meat substitutes: Resource demands and environmental footprints. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 190, 106831. 

Zhang, K., Zang, M., Wang, S., Zhang, Z., Li, D., & Li, X. (2022). Development of meat analogs: Focus on the current status and challenges of regulatory legislation. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. 

Animal welfare 

Buddle, E. A., Bray, H. J., & Ankeny, R. A. (2023). Values of australian meat consumers related to sheep and beef cattle welfare: what makes a good life and a good death? Food Ethics, 8(1), 5. 

Papoutsi, G., Noulas, P., & Tsatoura, K. (2022). Animals or humans: What do Greek consumers care more about when buying feta cheese? Sustainability, 15(1), 316. 

Attitudes towards veg*anism

Nezlek, J. B., Forestell, C. A., Tomczyk, J., & Cypryańska, M. (2022). Differences among vegans, non-vegan vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores in perceived social disapproval and approval as a function of diet and source of treatment. The Journal of Social Psychology, 1–13. 

Salmen, A., & Dhont, K. (2022). Animalizing women and feminizing (vegan) men: The psychological intersections of sexism, speciesism, meat, and masculinity. Social and Personality Psychology Compass. 

Diet and diet change

Fonseca, R. P., & Sanchez-Sabate, R. (2022). Consumers’ attitudes towards animal suffering: A systematic review on awareness, willingness and dietary change. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(23).

Jayawardana, J. M. D. R., Nadeeshani, R. H. W., Bandara, K. M. N. T. K. B., Jayasena, D. D., & Dematawewa, C. M. B. (2022). Factors affecting the changes in meat and meat product consumption of high school students: A logistic regression analysis. Journal of Agriculture and Value Addition, 5(2), 16. 

Stewart, C., Piernas, C., Frie, K., Cook, B., & Jebb, S. A. (2022). Evaluation of OPTIMISE (Online Programme to Tackle Individual’s Meat Intake Through Self-regulation): Cohort study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24(12), e37389. 

Valli, C., Maraj, M., Prokop-Dorner, A., Kaloteraki, C., Steiner, C., Rabassa, M., Solà, I., Zajac, J., Johnston, B. C., Guyatt, G. H., Bala, M. M., & Alonso-Coello, P. (2022). People’s values and preferences about meat consumption in view of the potential environmental impacts of meat: A mixed-methods systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(1). 

Human-animal relations 

Simonsson, O., Goldberg, S. B., & Osika, W. (2022). Man’s best friend(s): Effects of a brief befriending meditation on human-animal relations. Plos One, 17(12), e0278704. 

Social change

Klenert, D., Funke, F., & Cai, M. (2022). Would a meat tax in europe inevitably burden the poor? SSRN Electronic Journal.


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